Walter is known throughout Britain for his figurative ceramic sculptures which are sold in selected galleries and from this website. Also a painter, a selection of his paintings can be viewed here.

After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art he became a teacher of art and design in secondary and further education and he now works as an artist from his studio in Alloa. His work is based on the traditional values of observation and drawing. "My influences are many and varied, ranging from the Renaissance masters to the Glasgow Boys. We are privileged to live in an age where all this European tradition is readily available to us. It is there to be enjoyed and to inspire us.

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In his Alloa studio he produces slip-cast ceramic sculptures, which are all signed and numbered, in limited editions. His work is mainly sold from selected galleries throughout Britain, and he exhibits regularly at the Royal Glasgow Institute and the Royal Scottish Academy.

Having graduated in furniture design, and like many others, he discovered clay later and became obsessed with the handling of the material and the firing of it. " Any child loves playing with mud and has a fascination for fire. It is marvellous to earn one's living doing just that. I particulary enjoy raku firing which is done with real flame and smoke."

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Over the years, Walter has overcome the technical problems of slip-casting a complex form which can then withstand the thermal shock of raku firing (where the piece is taken out of a hot kiln). This means that he can produce sculptures at a reasonable cost which have the richness and individuality of that type of firing. As an alternative, stoneware glazes are sometimes used. Fired at a higher temperature, these pieces, which have stone-like or bronze-like finishes, are harder and can be placed out of doors.

In a realistic style, Walter produces nude studies which often express a quiet repose or stillness, as well as child studies which can be more lively. Pieces may vary in size from a few centimetres in height to life-size, forming an ever-changing range of about twenty-five different sculptures.

Contact Walter direct on 01259 213202